ERR and Consciousness
At a conference on Free Will in Barcelona in 2010, Martin Heisenberg asked if I could develop proposals for evolutionary steps between his bacterial level and the human levels of free will. I decided to regard them as levels of consciousness about experiences in the Experience Recorder and Reproducer
Instinctive Consciousness - by animals with little or no learning capability. Automatic reactions to environmental conditions are transmitted genetically. Information about past experiences (by prior generations of the organism) is only present implicitly in the inherited reactions. (Konrad Lorenz- “What’s a priori in the phenotype was a posteriori in the genotype.”) Learned Consciousness - for animals whose past experiences guide current choices (along with inherited experience). Conscious, but mostly habitual, reactions are developed through experience, including instruction by parents and peers. Predictive Consciousness - A sequencer in the ERR system can play back beyond the current situation, allowing the organism to use imagination and foresight to evaluate the future consequences of its possible choices. Reflective (Normative) Consciousness– in which conscious deliberation about individual values and the shared values of the species influences the choice of alternative behaviors.

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